The randomness of it all

With Pascal in Montreal March 4, 2020

Pascal had reached out March 4, 2020 on the evening I pedalled into Montreal, Quebec. He had been following my ride for some time. Pascal from France was a university student in Montreal. Pascal had been following my ride and he wanted to meet and offered to show me around Montreal. So the next day we connected and we went on a 4 hour walking tour around the city and to the top of Mount Royal.

Pascal was planning his own ride across Canada but waiting for warmer temperatures to arrive before embarking on his own adventure. Eventually Pascal did start out on his bike ride taking a lot of obscure routes across Canada. Sporadically we would message each other back and forth getting each others location. Pascal always seemed to be heading somewhere.

My last update was on September 16 that he was in Revelstoke British Columbia. On October 12 I woke up checking Facebook notifications as I do every morning first thing. I happened to catch a comment posted that he was in Nanaimo Vancouver Island. I instantly Messenger messaged him to discover that after over 7 months since we had met that he had just pedalled past my stealth campsite 20 minutes earlier.

Pascal instantly turned himself around and we caught up over breakfast.

Between our 2 meet ups over 6 months had passed and in that time I had pedalled 7,705 km’s further west across Canada.

Every once in a while someone says that I have gift for writing.

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