The hat off her head

Arie Hoogerbrugge
2 min readMar 19, 2021
With Marian who would give me that hat off her head

It was January 23, 2020 I had just met my “super fan” Dale Spence of Halifax Nova Scotia that night before as he was my current host. When I refer to him as my super fan it’s because he follows my ride daily and from the very beginning and actually knows my blog posts better that I do. And I wrote them!

Two weeks earlier while I was still in New Brunswick his parents actually spent the afternoon driving around looking for me, eventually hunting me down working away on my computer in a truck stop lounge in Aulac New Brunswick during a wicked storm.

Anyways I found myself hanging out with Dale as he ran around town running errands. One stop was the grocery store. While walking through produce department a lady walked past wearing the absolutely coolest baseball cap I had ever seen. Before I could finish reading the cap — The Bicycle Thief, Dale was already stopping her. “Mam, mam please show your hat to my friend. He is currently biking………” and before he could finish “biking across Canada.” She had already taken the hat off her head and was handing it to me.

Of course I would accepted the gift. This was turning into an unbelievable cool story of generosity. But I insisted that we had to take a photo together. This was where she got all uncomfortable claiming that her hair was a mess. Which leads me to ask “what woman would ever give that hat off her head if she was self-conscious about messy hair?” So I suggested that she wear the hat for the photo.

Marian agreed, photo taken and I was left speechless with such a generous gift and an amazing story.

In front of the actual restaurant in Halifax NS



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