Lake Seaton BC

This photo was taken at Seaton Lake on September 2, 2020. I was headed west out of the community of Lillooet British Columbia on Highway 99. As you can see from the photo it was an absolutely beautiful day. And the lake is also spectacularly beautiful.

Seton Lake is actually a freshwater fjord that drains east via the Seaton River into the Fraser River at the town of Lillooet. As blue as the lake actually is thanks to The Bridge River Power Project diversion of glacial silt-laden waters of the Bridge River into the Seton Lake have transformed the lake into a duller turquoise.

What I distinctly remember about this day was how frustrated I was that I had to walk around a barrier to a park parking lot that was closed. The park was closed due to unnecessary Covid-19 regulations. I will never appreciate or support natural areas to be closed to the public during a pandemic such as Covid-19. While we can measure Covid-19 cases we can never measure the mental health costs of forcing way from nature when people can easily socially distance.

In regards to the photo I also appreciate the clouds in the center over the far mountain top. To the right of the lake, you can see the Canadian National Railway running along the north shore.

Between the water and the clouds, I can almost zone out the rest of the photo. I will probably never forget this day because as soon as I left the lake I had about 20 kilometers of the toughest climbing that I would experience in North America. During those 20 kilometers I would bike over 3–13% grade mountain tops.

Every once in a while someone says that I have gift for writing.

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