It was February 15, 2020 the day was cold with a low of -20C and high of perhaps -6C at best. At least the sun was shinning. I was cold and coming to the crest of low hill almost 30 kilometers north of Fredericton New Brunswick to find an older woman standing all by herself in the cold. As I came up to her, she called out “are you that guy?” I had become use to that question. It seemed everywhere I went someone ask me if I was “that guy” [biking across Canada during the winter].

She told me that she had driven past me earlier and because she lived a ways from the main road she raced home to warm up soup and if I wanted to I could join her in warm car for hot soup. Who was I to pass on such an offer? Of course, I accepted and very quickly was enjoying soup and conversation. Margo had all the usual questions about who I was and why would I embark on such an adventure during the winter and was I riding for some charity.

Our conversation probably lasted a good 25 minutes. It’s not like I was that excited to biking out in the cold. But eventually I had to resign to the fact that no one was going to pedal my bike for me and I had a host waiting for me another 70 km’s down the road in Woodstock.

During our good byes a black SUV came driving up the road. The gentleman opened his window and asked me if I was “that guy?” I laughed and said “yes” and he then reached over with a $10 bill in hand.

Every once in a while someone says that I have gift for writing.

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