I am 49 years old originally from Grimsby, Ontario Canada. On November 12, 2019 I left St Johns Newfoundland on a 2 year bike journey. I biked 26,000 km’s across Canada, and then south through the US and then from top to bottom through Mexico, arriving at my home in Belize on November 25, 2021. The following is a collection of some of the stories and poetry I have written along my journey



No where to be
Listening to all the birds
Must have heard over a dozen types

Just lying in my tent
No where to be
Listening to the breeze play through the trees

Just lying in my tent
No where to be
Watching bugs land on my tent

Just lying in my tent
No where to be
Soaking in creation and thanking God

Just lying in my tent
No where to be
Just watching the sunshine filter through the leaves

Just lying in my tent
No where to be
Just being lazy

Written May 26, 2020

I sit in the quiet




How much strength must I have
Sure you have strength to move mountains
Have you the strength to be me

My self hatred of the boy inside me
He dare not show his face for shame
Hidden in the shadows for all to see

The voices of my accusers
Twisting my desires
The voices inside my head

No matter how valiantly you fight
No matter what the sacrifice
You would not sacrifice

How much have these agreements costed my heart
The agreements that I have been making with my enemies
Giving him places in both my heart and life

The screaming inside my head
The accusing tone from his lips
The shatter of my heart

How much strength must I have!

Written October 10, 2019

Haunted by my desires that will never be

Just lying in my tent



You were asleep in those moments
You didn’t know I was watching
You were oblivious in those moments

I remember those moments
Those were important to me
You didn’t know

I would watch you through the darkness
I would hear you breath
I grasped those moments

I prayed for those moments
I thanked God for those moments
I cried for those moments

The small moments were my big moments
I never forgot the moments
I fought for the moments

I would kill for those moments
I would die to get those moments back

Written January 25, 2020

My Words Kill

The Great Constant




Awareness of my brokenness
The feeling of emptiness that never goes away
The heavy breathing of my emotions

Awareness of my emptiness
The feeling of loneliness that never goes away
Where did all these people come from

So many people, so much more aware of being alone
Suffocating in front of…